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Are you confused? The free version is available for you. You can use it without any fees for maintenance. Then hope you will eagerly choose it. Let's start.


Life support

We provide a lifetime support about the problem what you face in here when you use it. It's for free. We are always here for you.


Well user guide

For your better experience we set a furnished user guide and video tutorial that will help you to maintain it easily.

all you want from app


eManager apps coming soon. The eManager apps are very user-friendly UI/UX. Anyone can easily moderate eManager apps.


Manage Meals

You can easily manage the daily meal system of your mess from here. It’s very comfortable and also portable. You can control the system from anywhere you want.

Manage Goods Bearer

It’s one of the amazing features of it. You can assign any of your mess member to bear daily goods in time with a readymade and exclusive stuff list. Just select the stuffs you need.

Manage Cost

By using it you can control the daily costs of meal or other costs with a transparent overview.

Manage Balance

Like others you can manage all kind of balances of your mess meal. You also can knock your mess member for their dues from here with a single click.

Meal rates

The meal rate is on high? Don’t worry. The daily meal rate will be shown all time in your dashboard. By seeing this you can manage it.

Easy Options

Except all that shown above there are so many special features in here. You can enjoy all of our amazing features when you purchase our package.

About eManager


A Manager can manage everything here!

Are you bachelor and live in a mess? Are you feel bored to be a mess manager? The boring days have gone.

Now you can easily manage all section in a mess like Mess Members, Meal Balances, Bazar list, Bazar provider, Costing, Meals, Meal rate and others management system. eManager is the country first and easy online mess controling system. You can easily control all of it in online from your mobile or computer.

About Apps


eManager Apps

The app where you will get all of the advantages to maintain a mess from anywhere. You haven’t need any notebook to save your mess information. You can find the all information you provide here. It’s a data type and light software where all kinds of calculation automatically occurred that you very need.

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